Central China Clean Energy


 Hubei Central China Clean Energy Development Co., Ltd (CCCE) is a joint-stock company established by CCH and Hubei Hongyuan Electric Power Design Consulting Co., Ltd. It was established in 2016 with a registered capital of 100 million RMB as a project investment platform for CCH. There are subsidiary and offices in Japan and Bangladesh. 

2.Optimize business layout under policy guidance 

It is a global consensus to adjust the energy structure and gradually reduce the dependence on traditional non-renewable fossil energy sources. The 13th Five-Year Plan and other related policies are clearly oriented, proposing to increase the proportion of non-fossil energy and promote the efficiency of fossil energy using. At least 164 countries have set renewable energy development goals, and about 145 countries have enacted renewable energy support policies. Clean energy investment will continue to increase. Meanwhile the installed capacity of clean energy power generation will grow steadily.

3.Business Area 

Following the industry development trend and policy guidance, CCCE will actively expand investment in clean energy, focusing on the development and investment of power generation and infrastructure for wind power, solar power, hydrogen energy, natural gas and other.


While actively expanding investment in wind power and solar power projects in China, CCCE also allocate oil, gas, hydrogen, battery energy, integrated energy stations and energy infrastructure construction.

The CCCE chairman, Mr. Xia Xiaomin was investigating a Fishery and solar power generation comprehensive project

For the overseas market, Kyushu Clean Energy Co., Ltd (KCEC) was registered in Japan as a wholly-owned subsidiary company by CCCE. The KCEC hires Japanese local team, focus on the development and investment of Japanese wind and solar power projects.

An anemometer tower was settled by KCEC in Kumamoto, Japan

At the same time, CCCE closely follow the national "one belt and one way" strategy and work together with large central enterprises to actively organize the Southeast Asian Market. At present, with the infrastructure and energy investment projects as sally port, CCCE has established a high degree of mutual trust with the energy sector and land&resources sector of the Bangladesh government. CCCE had also promoted the project cooperation with non-governmental organizations.

The chairman of CCH, Mr. Ma Delong negotiated with the Minister of the Government of Bangladesh

Technical experts from China and Bangladesh was discussing project plan