Central China Hyperloop Investment

1.Project Background

a)Chinese government encourages advanced rail traffic technology research and supports projects development

Chinese central government and local government encourage advanced rail traffic technology research and supports high-speed rail traffic projects development.

b)Beijing-Hongkong rail traffic line covers area over 500 million population

As one of China's backbone rail traffic lines, Beijing-Hongkong rail way, the busiest traffic system with over 2,000 km in length, across the country from north to south, radiating three major economic development areas hub population over 500 million. 

c)The total amount of passengers loaded in Beijing-Hongkong traffic line is over 500,000 per day

The whole journey, if by high-speed train (designed speed of 350 km/h), takes more than 8 hours; if by flight, takes at least 6.5 hours, with high uncertainty. Trains and planes are all "shifted" travel. By taking hyper-speed rail, the whole journey will take less than 2 hours, and the “urban bus” travel will be achieved.

2.Project team members

Mr. Ma Delong 

Founder of  CCH,  Senior Banker & Entrepreneur

Mr. Jeffrey Leong

Senior Investment Banker,Government  Economic Adviser,  Industrial Planning Specialist

Mr. Zhang Weihua

Professor of SWJT University, Doctoral  Adviser,  Chief  Scientist of the first National Key R&D Plan for railways ( China State 973 Plan),  Honorary Spcialist appointed by Central Government of China 

Mr. Deng Zigang

Post-doctoral, Associate Professor of SWJT University,  Leader of scientific  research and innovation team for "high temperature superconducting magnetic levitation technology"

Mr. Wang ZuJian

Founder of Central China Ultra High-speed Railway (Hubei) Co., Ltd,Expert of Rail Transit Construction ,First person to study technology integration, popularization and application of vacuum pipeline maglev transportation industry

3.Technology introduction 

The core technology is Hyperloop Rail Traffic System  (HRTS) that it is referred to the vacuum pipeline magnetic levitation system. HRTS adopts the magnetic levitation technology, uses vacuumed pipeline to form a low-pressure environment, for the train to operate at all times in non-contact, low-resistance and low-noise

4.Research history

In June 2014, the State Key Traction Power Laboratory in Southwest Jiaotong University successfully developed “Super-Maglev” technology which is the first test line of the high-temperature superconducting maglev vehicle with vacuum pipeline in the world.

A high speed (400+km/h) scale model test line for vacuum pipeline built in 2018

Polymorphic Coupled Rail Transit Dynamic Model Test Platform started building in 2018

5.Project plan

The stations on the planning line which start from Beijing to Hong Kong, including Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hang Kong.

6.Core Partners

CRSSD Group 

China Railway 11 Bureau Group

Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group  (WSIG)