Classic Case

Machinery Equipment

Since 2012, the Department of Machinery Equipment have established strong and long-lasting partnerships with various Tunnel Bearing machine manufacturers and construction companies, such as Chinese Railway Construction Group, China Shipbuilding Industry, China Railway Science and technology group Co., Ltd, Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Company, China Railway Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group, Wuhan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Coal Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd., and, Wuhan Municipal Construction Group. Our partnership with these firms include financial leasing, operating lease. We now own 16 Tunnel Bearing machines, and our leasing asset amount to 900 million Chinese Yuan. At the same time, we have strategic partnership with numerous tunnel bearing machine manufacturers, construction companies, maintenance servicing firms, and other large and medium sized firms in the machinery industry chain, thus able to provide integrative service for clients in the tunnel bearing machine related industries. 


Clean Energy

In 2014, only 2 years since CCL was founded, we worked with Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Co., Ltd., a public company specializing in biomass power generation, providing sales-and-lease back service to the power generation giant. With the power plant as the lease-back asset, we were able to secure a loan in foreign currency, equivalent to CNY 600 million, through a cross-border loan. Our service improved our client’s financial structure, and provided long-term financial support for our client.

In December, 2014, CCL worked with Liyu Power Group, a leading gas power generation equipment and service provider, and completed a gas power project in Shanxi Province. The total investment for the project was CNY 130 million. With the CNY 18 million fund we provided, the project was able to take off and begin construction;

In 2015, we worked with Wuhan Rixin Technology Co., Ltd., the largest solar power company in Hubei, completing an 25 million photovoltaic equipment leasing and a 30 million photovoltaic power plant sale-and-leaseback project, marking a significant step into the photovoltaic power generation industry, and successfully supporting the growth of the power company.

In September, 2015, we worked with Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Co., Ltd again, this time investing in a wind power project, providing funds of CNY 400 million, marking another significant step in supporting the clean power generating industry and sustainability.

Marine Vessels

Our subsidiary in Tianjin focuses on the leasing of marine vessels, especially for export purposes, consistent with “the Belt and Road Initiatives”. In 2016, we completed an oil pipeline laying marine vessel lease, providing funds of $313 million (the equivalent of CNY 2 billion). In the next three years, marine oil and natural gas related machinery leases will be over $10 billion per year.


Our Department of Infrastructure Construction focuses on providing various financing services for the construction of city infrastructure, including underground space utilization. The department works closely with the Export-Import Bank of China. We have successfully provided low-cost funds to XiangyaoGaoxin Investment, Xiangyang City Construction Investment, Wuhan Real Estate Group, Wuhan Metro, amounting over CNY 200 million. In the near future, we will work with Investment and development group co., LTD., hubei province, wuhan chemical industry investment company, wuhan Newport cast investment co., LTD., the construction company of hubei province, the new eight construction group co., LTD., hanyang municipal construction group co., LTD., and Fuxing Fitch, in supporting the construction of infrastructure, parking lots, and underground pipe networks.