Industrial leasing debt fund

Optimize operational processes

Compared to back loan, simplify the process of getting bank loan first and purchasing equipment afterwards; help our clients obtain the right to use the device in a short period of time, improve work efficiency.

Optimize decision-making process

Our clients can lease equipment first, operating management team can make the equipment lease decision, instead of fixed asset investment decision which is needed to be made by Board or shareholders' meeting. Improve management efficiency. 

Customized services

According to our clients' cash flow situation, finance lease can customize flexible repayment arragement, as Deferred payment, increment or decrement repayment, annual, semiannual or quarterly repayment, etc.

Delay cash payments

Through the financial lease, our clients obtain the control of assets and equipment without large initial cash outflow, surplus cash can be used in operation work. In accounting policy, fixed assets depreciation converted into rentals, offset taxable income gains, delay tax, contain cashflow.

Optimize inventory asset management

Through asset sale and leaseback mode, the stock of assets can be converted into financial capital without affecting the productive assets possession and usage.