Management Team

Mr. Ma Delong

Founder and Chairman

a Master degree in Economics

2013-2007, president of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Wuhan Branch

1992-2000, President of Bank of China, Wuhan ETDZ Branch

1987-1989, a member of CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee

In 2000, was granted honors of the Financial Work Model and the top ten presidents of Wuhan Commercial Bank

Ms. Wu LiJun

Master degree in Economics from Wuhan University

2002-2005 General Manager of Financial department, China Minsheng Bank

1982-2002, Section Chief and deputy director general of Bank of China, Wuhan Brank

Mr. Xia XiaoMin

Bachelor Degree in Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2013-2015, Secretary if CPC of Power Construction Corporation of China Hubei Engineering Co., Ltd

Mr. Zhang ZhongPing

A Bachelor degree in Economics from Fudan University and a master degree in Economic Management from Wuhan University

2013-2016, General Manager of Shaanxi Hongcheng New Energy

2003-2013, General Manager of Shenzhen Ou’an Industry

Mr. Dai JianRen

Senior accountant, professor of 


Vice-chairman of Hubei and Wuhan Soil Engineering and Foundation 


Used to work as Financial and Asset Department Manager, chief 

accountant of China First Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd( CFMG)

Manager of CFMG Xiamen Branch, General Manager of Wuhan Jingye 

Foundation Co., Ltd

Manager of CFMG, Director of Wuhan First Metallurgical Geotechnical 

Engineering Research Institution

Awarded for Hubei Scientific and Technological Advancement

Mr. Wang ZuJian

Founder of Central China Ultra High-speed Railway (Hubei) Co., Ltd,Expert of Rail Transit Construction ,First person to study technology integration, popularization and application of vacuum pipeline maglev transportation industry

Mr. Liang ZhuJia

A Master degree in Economics from Wuhan University, a bachelor degree in Financial and International Business Management in the project of “Ford fund financial senior research” from Fudan University.

Senior banker, was worked for the government of Wuhan city

Used to be the managing director and deputy general manager of the investment bank of Dapeng Securities Company