Direct Lease

Based on the lease clients’ choices , CCL purchases the equipment from the manufactures and leases to them. On maturity, the ownership of the equipment is transferred to lease clients, which can meet the leases needs of expanding production capacity, generating new projects and technology innovation. This product effectively help the customers avoid investing capital in equipment in order to structure customized financing package .


Clients sell legally owned equipment at fair value to CCL,then CCL lease the equipment back to the clients. The benefit of the leaseback is to free up the original owner's capital while allowing the owner to retain possession and use of the property. Meanwhile, the customer can get higher amount of money than mortgage from the bank.

Operating Lease

An operating lease is an agreement between customer and CCL to rent equipment for use in business for a fixed period. It can be an efficient and cost-effective financing strategy, which offer more flexibility in terms of adjusting to changes in technology and capacity needs.At the end of the lease period, you simply return the equipment to CCL, without the liability of a residual value. This product can help the client efficiently reduce the debt ratio, the risk of asset depreciation. The lease payments are treated as the expense which can be deducted that in accordance with the rational avoidance tax.

Joint Lease

CCL cooperate with other financial leasing companies to lease the equipment .This operation applies to the case that demand of single customer for financing far beyond the risk undertaken. This product can maximize the strengths of the cooperative parties, help both parties share the risks and profits, provide the financial support to our customers.

Commissioned Lease

Manufacturers appoint CCL to lease the equipments. This operation applies to the customers who own unused equipments and also want to appreciate the equipments without losing the property rights.

Leverage Lease

Alease in which the lessor puts up 20%-40% of the money required to purchase the asset and borrows the rest from a lender. The lender is given a senior secured interest on the asset and an assignment of the lease and lease payments. The lessee makes payments to the lessor, who makes payments to the lender.

Risk Lease

CCL will provide equipment financing leasing to particular lessee as an investment both on rent and shareholders, for the return of interests and equity. Venture leasing could be applied to those lessees who have excessive financial cost pressure but perform well in operation activities. It also can help customer release the pressure from high cost of financing leasing, as well as increase lessee’s capital strength.


The sublessor lease the equipment chosen by the sublessee from leasor and then sublease to the subtenant.